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Start Here

So, you find yourself on a new server.

Live Map

Getting Started

You can find the live map for the Survival server at Creating Map Markers...

Events Brainstorming

The Almanac

Build out a nether hub Transcontinental railway construction PvP fights PvP Day - October ...

7/21/21 Update

The Almanac Update Notes

Changelog Reduced claim costs for land Initial cost reduced from 2,000gr to 500gr 1500gr r...


Getting Started

We use Lands as our anti-griefing plugin. To limit one-time players from joining and overclaiming...

r/mcservers ad

Operating Manual [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.17} [Network] {Lands} {BRAND NEW WORLD} {Economy} {Community Ch...

1.17 Launch

The Almanac Update Notes

Malloc will be launching our 1.17 server on Saturday, July 10th at 11AM PST. Find your local time...

Lands or Towny?

Operating Manual Archived Content

In mid June 2021, we experimented with the idea of adopting Lands as our anti-grief and land clai...

1.17 World Reset

Operating Manual Archived Content

Here's how I'm envisioning the 1.17 reset going down: Everyone meets in the lobby at a specifi...

Staff Runes

Operating Manual

The Malloc servers are administered through an in-game system of magic runes. Yes, you read that ...

Connecting with Bedrock

Getting Started

On Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 are limited to playin...


Operating Manual Planning

June 19 Weekend Hacking Test Lands and other plugins on mcdev Better lobby gate status text f...

Region Posts

Getting Started Getting Around

Region posts are scattered across the server. They're an experimental plugin that implements a ki...

Finding a place to build

Getting Started Getting Around

So, you're new, and you want to find a piece of (roughly) untouched, pristine land for you to exp...

When in doubt, /menu

Getting Started

When playing on a server, you'll be able to pull up the Malloc menu with the /menu command. From ...


Getting Started

The first world when you join will likely be the lobby. All other servers and worlds on Malloc ar...

Linking to Discord

Getting Started

To play on Malloc, you need to link your discord and minecraft logins. If you haven't already, j...

The World of Malloc

Shops and Economy

Getting Started

Players can buy and sell items around the world using the in-game currency "Grist", sometimes als...

Users, Groups, and Permissions

Operating Manual

Discord roles that are mapped to server groups: Minecraft Admin -> group.administrators Minec...


Operating Manual

Welcome to Malloc Minecraft! This is our wiki for documenting the server. Anyone can create an a...


The Almanac

Past Events

The Almanac

Archived Content

Operating Manual

Update Notes

The Almanac


Operating Manual

Getting Around

Getting Started

The Malloc Atlas: Season 2

We didn't make one :(

The Almanac

Events, activities, news and other current events.

Operating Manual

Highly technical information about the server.

Getting Started

Welcome to Malloc Minecraft! This is our wiki for documenting the server. Anyone can create an...

Historical Content

7/24 Endbusting Event

The Almanac Past Events

We're doing a weekend Endbusting adventure event! This Saturday, 7/24 starting at 6pm PST. Find y...