7/21/21 Update


  • Reduced claim costs for land
    • Initial cost reduced from 2,000gr to 500gr
    • 1500gr refund to each player per land claim; contact staff if you did not receive one
    • Marginal plot cost reduced from 8% to 5%
    • Renaming cost reduced from 5000gr to 500gr
    • Ownership transfer cost reduced from 5000gr to 2000gr
  • DeadChests are now lootable by anyone
    • We will switch to a better graves plugin next week after some thorough testing of AngelChest and Graves.
    • Testing server will be brought online later today (7/21)
  • Fixed a bug where members of a lands claim could open chestshops without having been added to the shop as 'staff'
  • "How many days since you last flew with an elytra" datapack has been added in preparation for next month's community goals.
  • SurveyPlus plugin reinstalled to lobby for future development plans.

Proposed Changes