7/24 Endbusting Event

We're doing a weekend Endbusting adventure event! This Saturday, 7/24 starting at 6pm PST. Find your local timezone here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/pst-to-aest-converter?qm=1&lid=8,21,5128581&h=8&date=2021-7-21&sln=18-22&hf=1

    • Everyone hops in the server a few minutes prior
    • We meet up at spawn with a stack or two of eye of ender, distribute armor + weapons, find the end portal
    • Set up forward camp with beds, resupply, etc.
    • Hop through, assault the dragon, win
    • Who gets the egg??? TBD
    • Return to forward base, resupply, explore the end for wings + shulkers
    • Save one building's worth of shulkers for a farm