1.17 Launch

Malloc will be launching our 1.17 server on Saturday, July 10th at 11AM PST. Find your local time here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=10&iso=20210710T11&p1=388

The World

  • Similar to how Hermitcraft Season 8 is running, we will be starting off with a continental island of substantial size. It is approximately 4,000x4,000 and contains most biomes, including shattered savannah plateau. Unless a better seed is found, this one does not include any jungle, badlands, and a handful of others, however the world border will be substantially larger than the continent and should be big enough to find one.
  • Also similar to how Hermitcraft is operating this year, anything built outside of the island might not survive once 1.18 is released. We'll be resetting most if not all of the world outside the island to pick up the new world generation with its phenominal caves and underground features. It is possible some builds outside the island can be preserved, but this isn't a guarantee.
  • Transportation by Elytra is discouraged in favor of nether portals, region posts, and player-built road/rail networks. Immersion is fun and leads to meeting your neighbors!
  • Even though all new players will receive an initial random teleport, spawn build protection will be disabled and we'll be building a community center/shopping hub over time.


  • The 1.16 survival server (and the test server) will shut down early Friday night to prepare for archiving and to update to 1.17.1. During this time, the survival and test server gates in the lobby will be blocked off and unavailable. The map will also be taken offline at this time to prevent any spoilers.
  • The 1.17.1 server will be brought up to begin pre-generating the world, a task that is likely to run overnight.
  • Prior to the 11AM launch, the 1.17.1 server will go through some pre-flight checks to verify that plugins are working as expected and are pointing to the production databases/infrastructure.

The Launch

  • A countdown clock will begin to display in the lobby by sometime Friday afternoon, counting down to the 11 AM launch.
  • By Friday morning, the world map will be brought back online for all to revel in its glory, allowing for planning to begin.
  • Players are encouraged to join the lobby by 10:50 AM for the launch event. Socialize, goof around, meet your comrades and say hi! Refreshments will be provided!
  • At 11 AM, the fireworks go off, the gate is unlocked, and everyone jumps through together.
  • Once you join the new 1.17.1 server, you'll be randomly teleported to a location within the continent.
  • All players will begin with 8,000 grist, a welcome guidebook, a compass, and a free claimblock you can use to claim land.
  • Go forth and build.

After The Launch

  • We'll be hosting monthly community goals on the server, starting with two races to see who can produce the most iron blocks and the most white wool before August 1st.
  • Community build days will be organized for players to work on building out the spawn area, nether roads, monuments, and whatever else we think of.
  • Our 1.16 world will be made available for download on malloc.gg.