The Woolpit

The Wool Pit is Malloc's first dungeon, bringing an MMORPG-like raid experience to the server.

The Plot

The people of Malloc pooled their resources in early 2021 to compete against each other in the Wool Race community goal. Hundreds of thousands of blocks of wool were harvested in anticipation of the autumn harvest festival. Despite the server staff's best efforts, the wool went missing shortly after the contest concluded.

Until now.

Recently, archaeologists have discovered a pair of wool and iron monoliths on an island not far off the the continent's eastern coast. Just south of Hourglass Island and due west from The Bouncy Castle, it is accessible only by boat or elytra. Preliminary reports describe a vast stairwell within the iron monolith, leading deep below the island. An expeditionary force has been dispatched to learn more.

The Dungeon

The dungeon is fairly straightforward, containing wool and iron themed dungeon mobs, one miniboss, and one final boss. Player rewards include wool, iron, grist, XP, special items, a powerful sword, and one legendary artifact: The Wool Crown.

Dungeon Mobs

  • Haunted Wool - Will occasionally attack players, inflicting a few seconds of blindness
  • Pocket Lint - Retextured zombie
  • Rusty Ingot - Retextured magma slime
  • ??? - Something flying like a Phantom / Vex

The Miniboss: Ron the Cowardly Golem

Ron's feature is that they run away from players who get too close while throwing iron ingots from a distance. To defeat Ron, players will need to utilize high speed movement, projectile dodging, and team coordination. Ron can be easily pushed into a corner, unable to escape or attack.

  • Run Away - Ron's top priority is staying at least 15 blocks away from any player, even if it is a bad decision.
  • Ingot - Ron throws an iron ingot at distant players. Can't be used at close range.
  • Hasty Retreat - If a player deals mele damage, Ron attempts to escape by lunging towards the center of the room.

Final Boss: The Wooly Mammoth

The Wooly Mammoth is a large, dangerous, lumbering beast of wool. The mammoth is incredibly slow to move, making it vulnerable to melee attacks. However, it is capable of summoning a horde of Wooly Minions to overwhelm any attacker, and Wooly Bombs as a last-resort effort.

Attack Phases

The Start (>75% health)

The Mammoth is mostly harmless. It is only capable of spawning small numbers of minions. One bomb sheep at a time may be spawned infrequently, but always at least one shortly after the fight begins. Players should have a very hard time dying here.

  • Fling - Throws minions+bombs+players a distance, does light damage, scaling up to moderate as you get closer. Too close and you'll be thrown high enough to take fall damage. Preceded by a warning aura, giving players a few seconds to disengage.
  • Melee - Attacks a specific player, sending them sliding a great distance away.
  • Spawn minions - Spawns a small number of Wooly Minions and Wooly Bombs around itself. Mobs spawn behind players, which has the effect of pushing them into the mammoth's fling attack.
  • Spawn bomb - Spawns a Wooly Bomb behind players. Upon spawn, it will run towards the Mammoth; players will need to avoid hitting it on accident lest they get blown up.

The Buildup (30-75% health)

Slightly more difficult. Decent chance you'll die here, but far from guaranteed. All of the above, plus:

  • Lunge - Lunges at a player, sending them flying and dealing some damage. Countered with feather falling
  • Wooly Blanket - AOE centered on the mammoth. Applies blindness to players for a brief time.
  • Spawn More Minions - Same as above, but each spawn is enough minions to overwhelm at least one player. Countered with sweeping edge
  • Spirits of the Wool - Summons haunted wool, which will attack players at least 10s after spawning, giving them 1 second of slowness. Countered with speed potions

The Climax (0-30% health)

You will probably die unless you brought the right equipment. All of the above, plus:

  • Static Charge - Zaps a random Wooly Bomb with lightning, setting it on fire, causing it to quickly explode unless extinguished. Countered with Blast Protection armor
  • Satin Weave - The Mammoth will lunge away from players when hit. Does no damage and throws players out of the way. Countered with slow falling
  • Lint Collector - The Mammoth regains health by collecting string, which are dropped by dead minions. Countered with fire, which destroys the string

Wooly Minions: Very fast, very weak baby sheep. One-hit kills and minimal damage means players can easily take on two or three at once, but can take a lot of time or even die quickly if there's more than that. Especially vulnerable to sweeping edge. They try their best to surround and protect the mammoth, only attacking once provoked, or to attack whichever player has aggro'd the Mammoth. Occasionally string.

Wooly Bombs: Red sheep that go boom when they die. They try their best to surround the mammoth. Run wildly when on fire. Drop gunpowder and string.

The Loot

The Wool Crown

Looks like a crown made of white wool. Soft, luxurious, demanding of great respect.

  • Speed +10%
  • Health +10%
  • Fire Resistance V
  • Mending


A really sharp iron ingot. The handle is just some rope wrapped around it.

  • Sharpness IV
  • Sweeping Edge V
  • Speed +5%
  • Mending

Dev Notes

Important sounds

  • ambient.cave
  • block.anvil.use