Past Events

8/6/21 Field Trip to MRT

Malloc is going on a field trip to the Minecart Rapid Transit server!

We will be meeting up on their server at 6:30pm, and the field trip will depart for lands unknown at 7:00pm.

To connect to MRT, you'll need to be running Minecraft 1.16.5, not 1.17! Full information is available on the MRT website:

When we join, we'll all be [Guest] players. Since their server is a creative-mode server, flying is enabled (double tap space) however [Guest]s cannot build or remove blocks.

Connect to in your game, and you'll appear at their server spawn, which is called Central Park. Other malloc players will be nearby; stick around and don't get lost. Central Park is the server's main train station, providing access to the Zephyr and Expo lines. From there, you're only a station or two away from a transfer to all other lines in the network.

The incredible part about MRT is their automatic rail station design. Simply walk in, hop in a minecart, and you'll be whisked away. Getting out at a station is as easy as hopping out of your minecart at your destination; the cart is automatically returned to the system.


Finally, and most importantly, we'll be using Discord voice chat for this. We've created a special MRT Field Trip voice channel for this, so as to not confuse our own proximity voice setup. You'll find it at the bottom of the Voice Chat category. We'll be using this to make sure we don't get lost as a group and can share what we're finding. 

Useful MRT commands

7/24 Endbusting Event

We're doing a weekend Endbusting adventure event! This Saturday, 7/24 starting at 6pm PST. Find your local timezone here:,21,5128581&h=8&date=2021-7-21&sln=18-22&hf=1